The Meat Locker



By dry aging our prime steaks instead of wet aging we are able to create a more flavorful dining experience. The process involves placing the steaks on racks in our temperature controlled display case which is held at a constant temperature of 36 degrees and 40% humidity. This causes a crust to form on the outside of the meat sealing in the steak juices. The natural juices of the meat contain an enzyme that breaks down the tissue resulting in a more tender piece of steak. At the end of the aging process, our on-site butcher cuts away the crust formed by the dry aging process leaving only the bright red and very flavorful meat that we then cut into the portions we serve. The process makes for a very intense flavor with hints of blue cheese, truffle & popcorn butter. Aging on property and butchering the meat ourselves along with the personal relationships we have built with the local farms have given us an incredible amount of control over the product.

240 Day Dry Aged

Our 240 day dry aged rib-eye is our highly sought after limited release steak. We use only 103s also known as the long bone ribeye for this aging process. Aging a steak for that long allows our signature white mold to completely surround the steak much like you would see on a beautiful piece of charcuterie. During the process the 103s loses 1/3 of it’s weight at the end of the dry aging process leaving behind a much denser and extremely flavorful steak. This loss is due to the evaporation of the natural juices leaving behind only the juicy and rich essential oils of the steak. We are only 1 of 2 Steakhouses in the world that ages steaks for that long and therefore are very unique.


We like to let the meat sing for itself. We use nothing but Kosher salt & freshly cracked black pepper. Our new school cuts including the flat iron, 48hr sous vide short rib & our wagyu skirt steak get a added level of flavor by cooking them over our red oak wood fire grill. They are than finished off with butter for to add to the depth of flavor. Our bone-in ribeyes and sirloins are cooked to perfection in our 1,200 degree upright broiler. This creates a beautiful crust on the outside of the steak which adds texture to our already tender steaks. Our filets and pork chop are cooked in a cast iron skillet which we baste with butter to which not only adds to the texture of the steak like the broiler does with the ribeye, but also adds fat to our lean and tender steak.