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Our Team

Eric Cobb

Executive Pastry Chef

Pastry Chef Eric Cobb grew up in Vestavia Hills, Alabama, a sub-city inside Birmingham. He attended culinary school at The Culinard graduating from the Culinary Arts program in 2006, but after realizing his love for the meticulous and scientific side of baking went back to complete the Pastry Arts program in 2008. Upon graduation, he took a job at the Four Season Hotel in Texas where he spent the past seven years creating different pastries under the direction of Chef Randy Gehman.

After Chef Gehman’s retirement this year, Cobb decided to branch out and auditioned for the Pastry Chef position at Knife Dallas. Introduced to John Tesar by David Culler, he wowed Chef Tesar with his chocolate and coffee pastry, and white chocolate and meyer lemon pastry. He tested a reconfigured version of that chocolate and coffee pastry as a special on the Knife menu at the end of November and was so popular it was immediately adopted on to menu.
Chef Cobb aspires to take Knife to a level that revivals New York City and other culinary hot spots. He has configured a new dessert menu for Knife which features a sweet potato tart, coconut lime verrine, pine nut cake with a with a white chocolate ganache, and the chocolate and coffee pastry.

Currently experimenting with molecular gastronomy and anxious to use liquid nitrogen he is persistent in mastering new techniques in pastry making. However, the one tool he cannot fathom cooking without his his Emergen Blender which decreases the particle size of ingredients with the efficiency he says he couldn’t do by hand. He cherishes the culture of creative freedom and the desire to make each dish the best.

When not at the restaurant he spends his time working from home on new menu items, returning phone calls and answering emails. His hidden passion is breaking out the grill and barbecuing.